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Yankton Seed House is a local, family-owned business, born out of a desire to aid farmers and ranchers in making good decisions while sustaining our soil health and agricultural roots.


Our mission is to help producers regenerate crop land, pastures, and plant forages for livestock production in a way that makes the most of what they have, so the customer can reduce costs and increase profits.


"Being good stewards of the land" is a motto for crop production. Raising corn and soybeans can be sustainable in many ways, such as the use of cover crops and different tillage methods which can lead to higher productivity and profitability.

Our team has a passion for learning new technologies that aid farmers in being successful. We are continuously expanding our knowledge of corn, soybeans, grasses, forages, cover crops, and other agronomic aspects of agriculture that are available, to assist our customers in the ability to make the best agronomical decisions.

Meet Nick


Nick was born and raised on a diversified farming operation in Hartland, Minnesota, just north of Albert Lea. He helped run a diversified farm of about 800 acres, 60-80 head sow farrow-to-finish operation, a 50 head cow/calf operation, which expanded to a 350 head confinement feedlot.


He graduated from SDSU in 1984 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science. Nick started his first job working for a feed company and has continued in that career until the present. With the drought of 2012 behind us, he decided in 2013 to start a new business venture as sole owner of Yankton Seed House.


Nick is married to Paula who is a lovely gal born and raised in Iowa. She has been an elementary teacher for over 30 years and still enjoys teaching the younger generation. Nick and his wife have five daughters, five sons-in-law and eight grandchildren that take a lot of their time visiting and sharing every moment of joy. Nick's hobbies are singing at special events and in the church choir, biking, hiking, being outdoors and watching wildlife.


He is proud to own Yankton Seed House and to be of service to you, the customer. Nick's philosophy is the same as many producers, trying to be good stewards of the land and livestock.

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