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Your hay and/or pasture grass seed has to work for you. It has to be adapted to the purpose, place, and management you have in mind.



First, you need to select the right species or mixture of species. For example:

Orchardgrass and Tall Fescue are high-quality, productive companions with alfalfa or clover.

Smooth Bromegrass and Kentucky Bluegrass are long-lasting, sod-forming ground cover options for grazing.

Reed Canarygrass is a good option for wet or more marginal soils.


Annual and Italian Ryegrass work well as an alternative to oats as a nurse crop for alfalfa or as a quick growing emergency forage crop.


We usually carry two or more varieties of each species to provide more options ranging from high quality forage to more economical selections when forage quality is not as vital. We also have several grass mixes that combine the advantages of several species in one bag.

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