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Hybrid Rye

A recent addition to the US market, Hybrid Rye offers greater yields (130-160 bu/acre in U of M trials), higher quality, and better agronomics when compared to open pollinated varieties. With its PollenPlus traits, hybrid rye has a much lower chance of ergot contamination, increasing marketability and feed and milling quality. Hybrid rye is available in grain and forage varieties so that it has the ability to fit in to any farming operation, increasing diversity and marketing options.



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2018 Oat Harvest

Early reports of 100-120 bushels per acre. Recent bids of $3/bushel.

Above shows the difference between High Octane Triticale standing next to Goliath Oats. Taken on July 22, 2018.

2020 Hybrid Rye Crop

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